Monday, January 5, 2009

Flying is for the birds

Round trip tickets from Nashville to South Bend: $525
Hotel room when flight gets cancelled in Cincinnatti: $60
Gas for my parents to pick us up at a completetly different airport the next morning: $30
Finally gettting to Michigan to visit with family: Priceless

Again, the price of round trip tickets: $525
Rental car to drive from South Bend to Nashville after flights are delayed, causing missed connections and no flight options: $100
DVD player to keep Kennedy occupied during 8+ hour drive: $90
Arriving home to our own beds: Priceless

Despite all of the travel problems, we had a fun trip. The holidays were great. More details and pictures to come...

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TNkaderabecks said...

Just be thankful you got to see your family, I got NADA