Saturday, January 10, 2009

General Jackson

Back in November, when my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving, we went on the General Jackson one evening. I have a video of Kennedy dancing to the music during the show. Sorry the video is dark, it was dark inside the hall. She had a great time and loved seeing Paul up on stage. Here is the video:

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aprilcharles said...

Hey Michelle! I am so glad I know you have a blog now and can't wait to follow it! I absolutely cannot believe that Kennedy has grown so much! I remember when you posted the first pictures of her and she was such a tiny little thing. It has been neat to see her grow and change so much and now be able to see her fun personality on her video clips! I know she keeps you and Brady smiling. Thanks for the advice on my napping struggles. It is good to hear from other mothers that they faced the same things and were able to push on through!