Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Terrible Blogger

Yes, I realize that I am possibly the world's worst blogger. I am pretty decent about posting pictures on facebook, but I never seem to take the time to sit down and put things on here.

As most of you already know, Leyton Tyler was born on August 18th. I was induced that morning and it was the easiest labor and delivery ever. I progressed slowly, but then all of a sudden we were ready to have a baby. He basically flew out. Because he came so fast, all of the fluid in his lungs didn't clear and he was making what we thought were adorable little noises. However, I guess that is something they don't like to hear coming from babies. They did some chest percussion and suction to remove the fluid and then just kept on eye on him for a little bit. It wasn't anything serious and he got a perfect report from the pediatrician the next morning. He weighed 7 lbs and was 21 inches long.

We are adjusting very well to being a family of four. There have been days when I was exhausted, but luckily have had family visiting or who would come over so I was able to get a few hour nap to make up some of that sleep. Other than that, things have been great. Leyton is so different from Kennedy. It is crazy how you can tell a difference in their personalities at such a young age. Leyton tends to be more laid back and not nearly as loud. And he is a momma's boy!

Kennedy is in love with Leyton. At the same time, he doesn't really interfere with her life too much. He is there when she wants to love on him, but then she moves on and is busy playing. She is an incredible helper too. She loves to give Leyton his pacifier when he is crying. And tonight, she washed his feet during his bath. She loves being a big sister and is already asking for a baby sister.

Kennedy started back to school last week. She attends a mother's day out program that is Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-2. She loves school. She is so social (doesn't get that from me). As we were driving to school the first day, she asked if Leyton and I were going to come in with her. I thought she was getting a little apprehensive (what was I thinking?) and started to explain to her that we would come in and walk her to her room. She responded by telling me that she didn't want us to walk her in that I could just drop her off (they don't even have that option, you have to bring your child in). Yep, she is growing up too fast.

We moved into our new house and love it here. We love our house. We love our big yard. We love the neighborhood. We are so blessed to have sold our house and found this one. Nothing is on the walls, but I can say that every box is officially unpacked. We are slowly getting there and it is really starting to feel like home.

I think that is all the major things going on here. I will try to remember to get on here and post more often. If you look below, I posted pictures for all to see.

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

Holding Leyton for the first time

Daddy and Leyton

Baby Leyton

One of my favorite pictures. Papa and Pops watching Leyton through the nursery window.

Meeting Big Sister for the first time

First family picture

Leyton with Gigi and Papa

I am the Big Sister

Love this picture. Kennedy was bored and had enough of being at the hospital.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prayer request

I realize a lot of time has passed since my last entry. I promise to update all that is going on in our life and get some pictures on here real soon (for my one reader: hi mom!). In the meantime, while you wait for that to happen, I beg you to visit this blog. Dr. Sam Green is our worship Pastor. He recently found out that he has leukemia and started chemo yesterday. Sam and Keli have three beautiful daughters. They are an incredible family. Sam started a blog for all to follow his journey. I am asking for everyone to bookmark his page. Pray for Sam. Pray for the medical community treating him. Pray for Keli. Pray for Anna-Laura, Sophie, and Bella. The next days, weeks, month, years will be trying at times.