Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas! We are getting ready for Christmas in the Plummer house. We are staying in Nashville this year for Christmas. I am excited for Kennedy to wake up and go downstairs and see the presents under the tree. She doesn't fully understand what is going on, but she is more aware than last year. She LOVES Christmas lights. Last night, right before bed time, we loaded K up in the car and drove around looking at all the lights. I love to hear how excited she gets seeing all the houses lit up. Lots of Oohs and Aahs from the back seat. And as we pull away from one house, she starts yelling again, again! It is so sweet. Kennedy also loves seeing Santa. From afar. She is excited about the big man and loves to yell "Santa" anytime we see anything with Santa on it. But, she cried when it was her turn to sit on his lap, she wasn't as excited about seeing him then!

Here are some pictures we recently took. Trying to capture a few good shots for the Christmas card. It is much harder with an active child!

And here are a few pictures of Kennedy's Christmas party at Mother's Day Out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

18 Month Check-Up

Kennedy had her 18 month check-up yesterday. She is a healthy little girl! Her current weight is 24 pounds, 8 ounces. She is in the 50% for weight. Her height is 34 inches (almost 3 feet!). She is in the 90% for height. As the doctor said, we have a tall, skinny girl. Wonder where she gets that from?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

She did it

Kennedy turned 18 months yesterday. And today is the day she decided to pee-pee in her potty for the first time. Before her bath, she sat down on it and went. We are so proud! I don't have high hopes that the trend will continue, but you have to start somewhere right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kennedy thinks she is 2

Here is a video from tonight! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trip to Michigan...lots of pictures

Over Labor Day weekend, we made a quick trip up to Michigan to visit family, hang out with friends, and to go to my high school reunion. I've been working on this post, but just haven't had the time to load all the pictures, so it is a little late. Better late than never! We had a wonderful time. Gigi and Papa got to love on Kennedy all weekend and Brady and I got a couple of nights out to hang out with friends.

On Saturday, we stopped by the Zangaro (Katie's parents) house for lunch. Mrs. Zangaro treated us to a yummy lunch and it allowed us to catch up with dear friends. I love hanging out with Katie and Phil. They have two of the most precious children and Kennedy had the time of her life. Kennedy and Lucas became fast friends and loved running around, playing, and trying to see what mischief they could get into. Here are some pictures from that day:

First order of business: stand on stools and check out the view from up here.

Now, lets check out what is in the cupboards...

This is getting boring, lets go running!

Lucas, do you think we can make a break for it?

All that running is tiring...going to hang with Gracie

Gracie is a great reader...

Group shot

Kisses goodbye

I don't want to leave!

Saturday night, Brady and I went to my 10 year high school reunion. We had a great time catching up with friends. After the reunion, we headed down to the beach for a bonfire. The weather was great and the company was even better!

Brady and me before the reunion

Kristin and Michelle at the reunion

All the girls: Manda, Amber, Kristin, Lisa, Rachel, Michelle

Michelle, Rachel, and Lisa

The boys catching up: Corey, Brady, Jason, and Steve

Kennedy got a lot of time to play at Gigi and Papa's house. She loves being there and playing with all her toys. My dad made the little bench in the pictures when he was either in middle or high school (I can't remember). I used the bench in my bedroom when I was growing up, so it is so neat to see Kennedy playing with it.

Kennedy was sleeping like this in the crib one night when we went to check on her. It was adorable.

About an hour later, she looked like this. Funny!

Sunday, I headed to South Haven beach with Rachel and Lisa for a reunion for USA Michigan. USA Michigan was the junior olympic club team I played for in high school. We had a great time telling old stories and remembering all the crazy, fun, and not-so-fun times we had during all those years of volleyball. Here are two shots I took of the beach. The weather was great!

Monday came too quickly and it was time to say goodbye. Kennedy with her Gigi and Papa at the South Bend airport.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Our local newspaper, The Tennessean, is running a "Baby you should be in pictures" contest. You can submit one photo per child. The prizes are Target gift cards and we all know how great those would be. The question is, which picture should I submit? Here are some options. Vote at the bottom and feel free to leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite!

Picture 1: White Dress

Picture 2: Sitting on Rock

Picture 3: With Flower

Picture 4: Sitting on Stool

Picture 5: Close Up

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady and a Trip to the ER

Friday was Brady's birthday (the big 30!). We didn't do too much to celebrate. Brady didn't want to have a big celebration. We went out to Providence Place to eat dinner. After dinner, we walked over to Marble Slab to get our usual: Peanut Butter Crunch. It is yummy! After enjoying ice cream we headed home.

Last night we had dinner at Brady's parents house to celebrate his birthday with family. As requested by the birthday boy, we had tacos and all the fixins. Kennedy gave daddy her birthday present. I couldn't post it earlier, because he hadn't seen the pictures yet. We made the signs and took the pictures on Friday. Kennedy wasn't cooperating with all of the pictures and preferred to step on the sign, eat it, crumble it into a ball, etc. But, we managed to get a few good shots (no smiles though). I had the pictures printed and put them in a frame with matting around each picture. It really turned out cute!

After dinner was finished, Kennedy was standing next to the dining room and turned to walk away when she tripped over her own feet and fell down. If you know Kennedy, this is nothing. She is part monkey. She scales everything and if there is a way for her to climb it she will. Which also results in a ton of falls. That girl has fallen on her head more than any kid! Somehow, she managed to twist her arm or something when she fell on it. She wouldn't move her arm and was holding it with her other hand and cried for about 45 minutes. Even ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (we like our ice cream) didn't make her feel better. Nanna (who is a pediatric nurse) checked out her arm and couldn't feel anything major. She was over tired and didn't have a good nap, so we decided to take her home to see if she would go to bed. We figured if we were able to get her to sleep, that it wasn't too serious. When we got home, she hadn't moved the arm at all and when Brady tried to pull her out of the car seat, she screamed. The decision was made. Off to the ER we went.

The ER staff was great! We got in right away (screaming child might have helped). They took several x-rays. Nothing was broke and she appeared on the mend. By the time we left, she was waving with her arm and moving it all around. I am sure the red Popsicle she got helped with the healing process. She has acted great all day and there appears to be no lasting effects.