Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady and a Trip to the ER

Friday was Brady's birthday (the big 30!). We didn't do too much to celebrate. Brady didn't want to have a big celebration. We went out to Providence Place to eat dinner. After dinner, we walked over to Marble Slab to get our usual: Peanut Butter Crunch. It is yummy! After enjoying ice cream we headed home.

Last night we had dinner at Brady's parents house to celebrate his birthday with family. As requested by the birthday boy, we had tacos and all the fixins. Kennedy gave daddy her birthday present. I couldn't post it earlier, because he hadn't seen the pictures yet. We made the signs and took the pictures on Friday. Kennedy wasn't cooperating with all of the pictures and preferred to step on the sign, eat it, crumble it into a ball, etc. But, we managed to get a few good shots (no smiles though). I had the pictures printed and put them in a frame with matting around each picture. It really turned out cute!

After dinner was finished, Kennedy was standing next to the dining room and turned to walk away when she tripped over her own feet and fell down. If you know Kennedy, this is nothing. She is part monkey. She scales everything and if there is a way for her to climb it she will. Which also results in a ton of falls. That girl has fallen on her head more than any kid! Somehow, she managed to twist her arm or something when she fell on it. She wouldn't move her arm and was holding it with her other hand and cried for about 45 minutes. Even ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (we like our ice cream) didn't make her feel better. Nanna (who is a pediatric nurse) checked out her arm and couldn't feel anything major. She was over tired and didn't have a good nap, so we decided to take her home to see if she would go to bed. We figured if we were able to get her to sleep, that it wasn't too serious. When we got home, she hadn't moved the arm at all and when Brady tried to pull her out of the car seat, she screamed. The decision was made. Off to the ER we went.

The ER staff was great! We got in right away (screaming child might have helped). They took several x-rays. Nothing was broke and she appeared on the mend. By the time we left, she was waving with her arm and moving it all around. I am sure the red Popsicle she got helped with the healing process. She has acted great all day and there appears to be no lasting effects.

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shanaynay said...

Well Thank sweet Jesus is all the ice cream!!! Any good parent knows...(I am sure you are both learning! ) that ice cream and popsicles fixes anything that ails you! love and hugs to Kennedy! Glad she did not break anything. My sister, who has four boys, says before it is all said and done- she will have paid for the new ped. ward at their hospital, as many trips as they have had to make!!!