Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

Holding Leyton for the first time

Daddy and Leyton

Baby Leyton

One of my favorite pictures. Papa and Pops watching Leyton through the nursery window.

Meeting Big Sister for the first time

First family picture

Leyton with Gigi and Papa

I am the Big Sister

Love this picture. Kennedy was bored and had enough of being at the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

MICHELLE!!!! I didn't even know you were pg with #2!!! LOL Congrats!!! he's adorable and I can't believe how big Kennedy is getting.. she's a doll! you all look fantastic.. I was going through my 'favorites' and decided to pop in on your blog!! WOW.. so glad I did!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Dawna aka Armymom ;)