Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cloth diapers

When I was pregnant with Kennedy, I never in a million years would have considered using cloth diapers. Now, the more I have read about them, the more interested I have become. They are so much better than the diapers with pins our moms used! I still have not tried them, and most likely won't with Kennedy. But, when the time comes for Baby #2, I am going to at least give them a shot. I have several friends that use them (and also use disposables when out). I hate to admit it, but the main reason behind using them would be to save money. Although, I care about the year, I'm not that green.

For all the moms that use cloth diapers, I wanted to pass along this great contest that Angie is sponsoring at Babycheapskate. Cruise on over to her website and enter the contest. While you are there, check out all the great deals she has posted! And she is devoting this week to cloth diapering, so there is loads of information! Here is the link for the contest:

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