Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy's little helper

When I was pregnant with Kennedy, a lady in our church made these cute aprons for us. One for Kennedy and one for me. They are matching except mine says "Kennedy's Mommy" and hers says "Kennedy Mommy's little helper." I had mine on a few weeks ago and Kennedy was "helping" me in the kitchen, so I put hers on and she loved it. She thought she was so grown up! She didn't want to take it off and was dancing around the living room later that evening. I have video of the dancing. I'll try to find it and figure out how to upload it on here!

Here are the pictures:

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shanaynay said...

Michelle- LOVED the Apron! and of course- the little "doll" wearing it!! My Granny made Anna & I aprons and we wear them all the time!!! What a wonderful tradition to pass on down!